How to Grow All Year in Greenhouses

Tips for Growing Year Round in Backyard Greenhouse Structures

The nice thing about greenhouses is that you can use them all through the year. That is right, even in the winter months you can be growing in them depending on the design of your structure. You will have to have your greenhouse set up right for all the seasons for year-round growing to be successful.

The ideal growing environment will need to be provided geared towards the plants you are cultivating. This means you will need to heat your greenhouse in the winter and have some sort of cooling and/or ventilation system for the summer. Temperatures can be kept at whichever level you need them to be this way.

Winter Greenhouse Gardening Tips

In the winter you cannot let the hobby greenhouse cool down too cold in the evening because the plants could freeze. This is where a heating system comes in. You can regulate the heat to not to run as much during the day and a bit more at night. This will keep the temperature exactly where you need it. Of course, you will have to adjust your temps according to your climate. In the winter your temps should be no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Summer Time Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Now in the hot summertime you have to keep the greenhouse from getting too hot. This can be done with fans and/or a cooling system. So make sure to monitor your temperature all year through.

Fall Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Your greenhouse extends your growing time for your summer harvest into the fall. Many times you can get two to three harvests off of one planting, depending on the crop. Also you can get started with seedlings while winter is still in full swing. There are also those fall and winter vegetables and plants that can grow easily in the greenhouse and with hydroponics growing systems.

On top of the temperature you must maintain the right level of lighting for the plants too if you are growing year round. Since the days during the winter are shorter you will need to make sure you have grow lights that can be turned on as needed. During the hot summer months you might need to shade the plants some for them to reach their maximum growth.

Greenhouse Harvesting Tips

You will need to plants seeds or seedlings on a schedule to make sure you have a harvest year round on your vegetables. One planting can occur in January and the next one should be about July say for things like tomatoes. This way you will have tomatoes in whichever month you want them. Also check the recommendations for your area.

Remember you will have to learn pollination techniques to simulate the outdoor environment that plants face. Nature usually does the pollination of the plants for you outside with things such as the wind or bees. Problems can occur if this is overlooked in the greenhouse, a common mistake for people using Rion Greenhouse Kits and other expensive models, because they think that it’s not necessary to do.

You can see it takes some monitoring and special equipment to grow plants year round in your greenhouse. However, it is well worth looking into for the fresh veggies in the winter months.

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