Modern Greenhouse Gardening Technology

Learn About The New Technology of Garden Greenhouses

Modern greenhouse gardening technologies have increased growth rates significantly. The technology of greenhouses is not that hard to understand. These structures are built in such a way as to harness the sun’s energy to help the plants grow. The sun provides light and warmth to the structure to help the plants grow. Also since it is a controlled environment there are not the insect and disease problems that go with traditional gardening.

Traditional Green House Gardening

Greenhouse gardening can be done the traditional way of potted plants using soil. This is a more comfortable way of gardening because there is less bending over and you do not need to fight off the problems from the outside. You can increase your growing seasons too since you can start earlier and grow longer.

Now the more up-to-date technology that is being used in greenhouses today though is hydroponics systems and hydroponic cloners. This is a more effective method of gardening because of the results it gets. You use soilless mediums to anchor the plants or suspend the plants using no growing mediums just tubes to keep the plants in place.

The plants are flooded with a nutrient solution to feed them. There are a variety of ways this can be done. Which one you use depends on how you equip your greenhouse. The ways can either be active or passive. Active systems move the solution full of nutrients and water to the plants. Passive systems use some type of capillary delivery either through a wick or growing medium. Below there is an explanation of some of the hydroponic-feeding methods.

1. The Ebb and Flow Method is an active one. It delivers the nutrient solution using a reservoir and pump. You plants are located in an upper tray. This method is just the flood and drain method. The pump is turned on and the solution is allowed to go to the tray where the plants are. This stays on for around 20 or 30 minutes. Then the solution is drained back to the reservoir.

2. The NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) is also an active method using pumps and a reservoir. The plants are suspended for grow tubes with their roots exposed so the nutrient solution can flow over them and then drain travel back to the reservoir to repeat. This solution moves over these roots for about a day. This system can be hard for the beginner to adjust right though.

3. Now a Wick Method of delivering nutrient solution is a passive one which does not recover the solution. It has no mechanical parts though. It uses a capillary setup using wick material to deliver the solution to the roots. This also uses a growing medium for the plants. The system is very simple to set up and relatively inexpensive.

Whichever greenhouse technology you decide to use know that this type of gardening is very rewarding!

You can vastly increase your harvest. Shop for portable or professional greenhouse kits, then go set your greenhouse up today and in a short time you can be growing plants in it too. This is definitely the way to go with gardening.

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