Options in Hydroponic Gardening Systems

When you think of hydroponic gardening you may think of a particular type of system. The older methods were rather limited.

The main option was suspending plants over nutrient filled water. Today, though, the hydroponic gardening benefits from hydroponic growing systems have evolved. You know have options.

Modern Hydroponics Growing System

Choosing the right hydroponic grow system to meet your needs involves learning a bit more about your options.

Wick System
A wick system is fairly simple. It is easy to build and easy to maintain since it includes no complex construction. Basically a wick system uses a wick or string that draws the water from a reservoir to the plants. All you do is fill the reservoir and your maintenance of the system is complete.

Water Culture System
A water culture system is the more traditional system that may immediately come to mind when you think of hydroponic gardening. This system involves suspending plants above water so they can drink up the nutrient filled water.

Drip and Ebb and Flow Systems
The ebb and flow system and the drip system all work with the same basic idea. It is set up much like a water culture system except that the water is pumped in, the plants absorb what they need and the remaining water is drained to be reused later.

Nutrient Film Technique System
The nutrient film technique or NFT is a constant flow system. It feeds and washes the plants’ roots on a consistent basis. It has low maintenance costs and uses no growth medium. It works a little like the ebb and flow system where it will fill the reservoir with the water and then drain the excess to recycle. This system is a bit different, though. There has been some concern that maintaining a good pH balance is difficult with an NFT system.

Choosing your Hydroponics Growing System

As you can see these systems all use the same basic principles of hydroponic gardening. Each type of system, though, has a different set up. It is really important before you make your final choice on a hydroponic gardening system that you take a look at the individual set ups. You want to be sure that you have the space and the proper things for the type of system you want to use.

You should also check more deeply into the system you choose as some types of systems can have disadvantages that may pop up.

Woman Prepares Garden Soil

You can find out from people who have used each type of system as to how it worked for them and what challenges they may have faced. You may also be able to find some great tips on how to get the best results. Doing your research can really pay off when it comes to finding the right hydroponic gardening system.

In the end your goal should be to find the hydroponic grow system that is right for you. You want to be sure that you completely understand how the system works and how to set it up. This will help to ensure that you get the most from your hydroponic gardening experience.

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