Modern Greenhouse Gardening Technology

Learn About The New Technology of Garden Greenhouses

Modern greenhouse gardening technologies have increased growth rates significantly. The technology of greenhouses is not that hard to understand. These structures are built in such a way as to harness the sun’s energy to help the plants grow. The sun provides light and warmth to the structure to help the plants grow. Also since it is a controlled environment there are not the insect and disease problems that go with traditional gardening.

Traditional Green House Gardening

Greenhouse gardening can be done the traditional way of potted plants using soil. This is a more comfortable way of gardening because there is less bending over and you do not need to fight off the problems from the outside. You can increase your growing seasons too since you can start earlier and grow longer.

Now the more up-to-date technology that is being used in greenhouses today though is hydroponics systems and hydroponic cloners. This is a more effective method of gardening because of the results it gets. You use soilless mediums to anchor the plants or suspend the plants using no growing mediums just tubes to keep the plants in place.

The plants are flooded with a nutrient solution to feed them. There are a variety of ways this can be done. Which one you use depends on how you equip your greenhouse. The ways can either be active or passive. Active systems move the solution full of nutrients and water to the plants. Passive systems use some type of capillary delivery either through a wick or growing medium. Below there is an explanation of some of the hydroponic-feeding methods.

1. The Ebb and Flow Method is an active one. It delivers the nutrient solution using a reservoir and pump. You plants are located in an upper tray. This method is just the flood and drain method. The pump is turned on and the solution is allowed to go to the tray where the plants are. This stays on for around 20 or 30 minutes. Then the solution is drained back to the reservoir.

2. The NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) is also an active method using pumps and a reservoir. The plants are suspended for grow tubes with their roots exposed so the nutrient solution can flow over them and then drain travel back to the reservoir to repeat. This solution moves over these roots for about a day. This system can be hard for the beginner to adjust right though.

3. Now a Wick Method of delivering nutrient solution is a passive one which does not recover the solution. It has no mechanical parts though. It uses a capillary setup using wick material to deliver the solution to the roots. This also uses a growing medium for the plants. The system is very simple to set up and relatively inexpensive.

Whichever greenhouse technology you decide to use know that this type of gardening is very rewarding!

You can vastly increase your harvest. Shop for portable or professional greenhouse kits, then go set your greenhouse up today and in a short time you can be growing plants in it too. This is definitely the way to go with gardening.

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Tips for Buying A Greenhouse

Questions and Answers for Buying a Greenhouse Structure

Owning a greenhouse can bring you year round enjoyment in gardening. However, buying one and making it a success is a commitment. You have to know some things before buying one too to make sure you are getting the right one. Below are some tips for anyone looking to buy a greenhouse.

Shopping Guide to Buy New Greenhouses and Greenhouse Accessories

* You have to know what size your yard can handle in a greenhouse. Measure the length and width of the space you have that gets enough sun.

* After measuring the space you will need to choose what type of greenhouse you prefer. There are the lean-to styles that can attach to the house. Then the free-standing styles we most think about. These can be temporary or permanent structures.

* Decide whether you want a permanent or temporary structure. The temporary ones are usually covered with polycarbonate. The permanent ones have glass panels.

* Do you want a wood, PVC, or aluminum structure? Research into all three and learn what it takes for upkeep with each one before deciding which one you want.

* Decide what type of foundation you want or need for you style of greenhouse.

* Learn how to maintain a greenhouse even before buying one. This will help you choose what kind you prefer to deal with.

* Are you going to be doing hydroponic gardening in your greenhouse? This will affect the cost, style and other hydroponics gardening equipment you need.

* Are you going to build it yourself? Then are you going to use a kit or buy the materials separately? You will need to know these answers.

* Set a budget that you can live with. Know how much you can really afford to spend of buying and setting up your greenhouse. You do not want to overspend and not have enough for the plants your want to grow.

* Have an idea of which plants you intend on growing in the greenhouse. This too may determine the size and height of the structure you buy.

* Remember that other equipment will be needed than just the basic greenhouse structure. You need tables, plants, heating and/or cooling systems possibly and more. All of this figures into your total cost of getting started. It could also determine whether you buy a large or small greenhouse.

* Understand that a managing a greenhouse will take time and some effort on your part. So do not buy one lightly.

* Seek out profession advice if needed to make your final decision.

* You need to read an informative book about greenhouse gardening to use to learn all about what to do.

Follow the above tips, and you will not only know how to buy a greenhouse, but how to make one a success too.

Gardening of any kind is so fulfilling, however, with using a greenhouse you have more of a growing season to enjoy gardening in. You only have to do a bit of research first to know what you are doing.

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How to Grow All Year in Greenhouses

Tips for Growing Year Round in Backyard Greenhouse Structures

The nice thing about greenhouses is that you can use them all through the year. That is right, even in the winter months you can be growing in them depending on the design of your structure. You will have to have your greenhouse set up right for all the seasons for year-round growing to be successful.

The ideal growing environment will need to be provided geared towards the plants you are cultivating. This means you will need to heat your greenhouse in the winter and have some sort of cooling and/or ventilation system for the summer. Temperatures can be kept at whichever level you need them to be this way.

Winter Greenhouse Gardening Tips

In the winter you cannot let the hobby greenhouse cool down too cold in the evening because the plants could freeze. This is where a heating system comes in. You can regulate the heat to not to run as much during the day and a bit more at night. This will keep the temperature exactly where you need it. Of course, you will have to adjust your temps according to your climate. In the winter your temps should be no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Summer Time Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Now in the hot summertime you have to keep the greenhouse from getting too hot. This can be done with fans and/or a cooling system. So make sure to monitor your temperature all year through.

Fall Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Your greenhouse extends your growing time for your summer harvest into the fall. Many times you can get two to three harvests off of one planting, depending on the crop. Also you can get started with seedlings while winter is still in full swing. There are also those fall and winter vegetables and plants that can grow easily in the greenhouse and with hydroponics growing systems.

On top of the temperature you must maintain the right level of lighting for the plants too if you are growing year round. Since the days during the winter are shorter you will need to make sure you have grow lights that can be turned on as needed. During the hot summer months you might need to shade the plants some for them to reach their maximum growth.

Greenhouse Harvesting Tips

You will need to plants seeds or seedlings on a schedule to make sure you have a harvest year round on your vegetables. One planting can occur in January and the next one should be about July say for things like tomatoes. This way you will have tomatoes in whichever month you want them. Also check the recommendations for your area.

Remember you will have to learn pollination techniques to simulate the outdoor environment that plants face. Nature usually does the pollination of the plants for you outside with things such as the wind or bees. Problems can occur if this is overlooked in the greenhouse, a common mistake for people using Rion Greenhouse Kits and other expensive models, because they think that it’s not necessary to do.

You can see it takes some monitoring and special equipment to grow plants year round in your greenhouse. However, it is well worth looking into for the fresh veggies in the winter months.

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How to Plan to Build A DIY Greenhouse

Tips for Planning and Building Greenhouse in Your Home Backyard

Before building a greenhouse at your home you must do some planning first. You can just grab a kit or the materials and start to build it. After all how can you get the right greenhouse for your yard without analyzing all the things that go into having one? Let’s look and see what it takes to plan this greenhouse.

Structure Positioning & Location Tips

You have to first select the ideal location for your greenhouse, before proceeding with any plans. Check the area for how much sun it gets through the day. You might have a tree to cut down that is creating too much shade. You need the sun to shine for most of the day on your greenhouse morning and afternoon.

Tips on Greenhouse Size

Measure the size of your location this will tell you how large your greenhouse can be. Also include height in the measurement if you have overhead power lines. It is wise at this point to consider having the largest greenhouse you can afford, an small indoor greenhouse could be all that you need. You only want to go through the building process once after all. Also you want room to expand as you learn more about greenhouse gardening.

How to Buy Greenhouse Materials

Now there are two different ways to purchase your materials for you greenhouse. You can either buy blueprints online or at local nurseries and the materials individually or you can buy a kit which has all the materials included that you will need. The kit will even have detailed instructions. A kit is the more expensive way to buy the materials, but is a sure way to get everything you need though. Either way, this is a project that can be built by you if you are a do-it-yourselfer.

Now if you are not the hands-on type of person you can pay more and have someone build it for you. This is the most expensive way though to get a greenhouse built at your home. It is up to you and your budget.

Tips on Greenhouse Foundations

Not all greenhouses have some type of foundation. Some simply use the ground on which they sit as a foundation. Others have gravel, concrete or paving stones as a foundation. This is sometimes depends on the design of the greenhouse and at other times it is just a personal choice.

Remember that the foundation is what your tables will set on for you plants. Each type of foundation will have a different way to install. Be sure you understand how to do the one you are planning on. The right instructions go a long way.

Follow the above information for planning your greenhouse and it will be a winner. In no time at all you will have one up and filled with plants. Greenhouse gardening helps you increase your harvest and makes for a wonderful hobby. Who knows you might even be able to have a business with one too. So make your plans today so you are ready to cultivate your plants soon.

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