Tips for Building A Compost Bin

Building a Soil Composting Bin

With increasing interest in green living, more and more companies are selling already-made compost bins. However, building a compost bin at home is easier and much cheaper than most people think, and can be a great way to reduce your impact on the environment or to obtain fertilizer for use in farming. Whichever method you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that you will want to turn your compost every once in a while to keep the micro-organisms doing their job eating away at the compost. There are many ways to build compost bins, some quite complicated involving rotating cylinders for easy turning, but the two following compost bins are inexpensive and easy to build.

One of the easiest ways to build a compost bin is to make a cylinder out of galvanized chicken wire. Besides being inexpensive, wire compost bins are well-aerated and easy to turn. It’s also easy to incorporate more trash into the compost bin as it is produced. In order to make a wire compost bin, first purchase about ten feet of galvanized chicken wire from a hardware store.

It should be about three feet in height so that the wire compost bin remains easy to turn. Next, fold the edges of the chicken wire back at the ends so that nobody gets poked while maintaining the compost bin, and just form it into a cylindrical shape. The two ends of the chicken wire should be tied together with heavy wire and a pair of pliers. Optionally, you can drive wooden posts into the ground and attach the chicken wire to the wooden posts using the heavy wire in order to make it sturdier. This may be a good idea in windy conditions, as it will prevent an empty wire compost bin from blowing away or becoming deformed.

Another easy method of building a compost bin at home is to use a four wooden posts and a picket fence.

The fence should ideally be around three feet high, high enough to contain a substantial amount of compost but low enough that more garbage can easily be added to the bin. For a bin with a volume of 27 cubic feet (i.e., a 3x3x3 compost bin), you should purchase about twelve feet of fencing. Drive the wooden posts into the ground using a sledgehammer and attach the fencing using whatever method you desire.

The same heavy wire and pliers used for building a wire compost bin can also be used to attach the fencing to the wooden posts here. This method of building composters makes your compost bin look more attractive to the neighborhood and can help keep pests and vermin away, but unfortunately it makes your compost bin much harder to turn and can increase the time it takes for your garbage to compost due to the decreased aeration as compared to the wire compost bin.

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