EarthCare Greenhouse Shelving

So what are you going to do with all those plants you've got going on in your greenhouse? How are you going to organize them? We offer some of the most efficient greenhouse shelving available to gardeners. From EarthCare, one of the most trusted names in the garden greenhouse business, we bring you an aluminum shelving system made specifically for storing your plants. And the slated aluminum shelves allows for water run off to any plants below. Also works great just as shelving for patios or carports.
The two-tiered shelf in the picture is 49 inches wide, 19 inches deep and 28½ high, but there are many sizes available. And all are made of sturdy light weight aluminum these shelves are extremely easy to transport and move around. Assembly is easy too. And remember Free Shipping is included!

EarthCare Greenhouse Shelving:

One and Two Tier Shelf Levels Available
Slated Shelving
Lightweight Aluminum Construction
Easy to Assemble