the bc-380 ocean breeze mister

Greenhouse Evaporative Mist Cooling Systems

From Ocean Breeze. Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors more during those hot summer months? Then the Ocean Breeze Evaporative Mist Cooling System is what you're looking for! By increasing the moisture content of of the immediate area with a fine mist that evaporates almost immediately, this simple system can decrease the temperature by up to 20° to make any outdoor event more pleasant.

Use around gazebos, pools, patios and campsites. Can also be used in or around gardens or greenhouse. Keep outdoor work areas more comfortable and safe from heat related injuries. Can also be used to remove excessive dust from the air.

Installation is simple. Just attach to any garden hose or facet and install the misters along the watering tube where you want. Each Misting Kit comes with enough tubing for a 50' run and as is expandable.

Operating Pressure: 40 to 100 PSI