• 2 Tier Greenhouse
    Portable Greenhouse

    EarthCare 2 Tier Greenhouse

    The EarthCare 2 Tier Greenhouse features zippered opening ties open to allow access to plants inside.
    On sale at $39.99
  • 4 Tier Growrack
    Portable Greenhouse

    EarthCare 4 Tier Grow Rack Mini Greenhouse

    The Gardman 4 tier plant growing rack is truly an all time customer favorite, consumers agree that this kit is easy to set up, worth every penny, effective, and fun!
    On sale at $64.99
  • EarthCare Single
    Cold Frame Greenhouse

    EarthCare Single Cold Frame Greenhouse

    4mm double wall polycarbonate panels, which give great insulation value, while still allow the sun to shine, and get the plants growing.
    On sale at $82.99
  • 5x5 Mini Greenhouse
    Portable Greenhouse

    EarthCare 5x5 Mini Greenhouse Kit

    The EarthCare 5' x 5' Do It Yourself Greenhouse, from EarthCare, features small and durable growing shelves, for maximum space usage.
    On sale at $139.99
  • 7x10 Hoop

    7x10 Hoop Greenhouse

    The brand new EarthCare portable 7' x 10' hoop greenhouses feature 4 vents, durable steel framing, quick assembly, UV resistant, and extreme portability.
    Priced at $149.99
  • Sprout Nursery
    Cold Frame Greenhouse

    EarthCare Sprout Nursery Greenhouse

    The new line of EarthCare Sprout Nursery Style Greenhouses are perfect for portable greenhouse gardening everywhere
    Priced to move at $224.99
  • Sow-N-Reap 6x2
    Lean-to Greenhouse

    Sow N Reap 6x2 Lean to Greenhouse

    The Sow N Reap 6x2 Lean to Greenhouse Kit is extraordinary and can be compared to all other lean-to greenhouses in it's price range, it is the best
    Priced to sell at $299.99
  • 2x6 Tool-N-Patio

    2x6 Tool N Patio Greenhouse

    Ideal greenhouse kit for anyone looking to store garden containers, tools, and much more.
  • EasyStart 4x6
    Hobby Greenhouse

    EasyStart 4x6 Hobby Greenhouse

    EasyStart Hobby Greenhouse Kits can be used to keep established plants safe during the winter months, or provide a protected growing environment for delicate seedlings.
  • Grow-N-Up Greenhouse
    Great Value!

    Grow N Up Hobby Greenhouse 8x10

    One of our great new lines of greenhouses.
  • Harvest 10x13

    Harvest Hobby 10'x13' Greenhouse

    * Durable Power Coated Green Aluminum Frame
    * 4 roof vents* 10mm Double Polycarbonate wall & roof panels.
  • Grow Smart 19x13
    15 Year Warranty

    Grow Smart 13 x 20

    The EarthCare Grow Smart greenhouse kits are the newest and easily one of the best lines of large EarthCare hobby greenhouses.
  • Nature's Premium
    Solid Construction

    Nature's Premium Hobby Greenhouses

    Features 6mm twin wall opaque panels that are coated with polycarbonate glazing that creates incredible insulation and protection for your flowers and plants.
    Starting at $899.99
  • Greenhouse Heater
    1500 Watts

    1500 Watt Greenhouse Multipurpose Heater

    Don't wait until after Winter to start growing your plants and never stop growing all year long, with these amazing heaters for greenhouse.
  • 2-Tier Shelving
    Aluminum Shelf

    2 Tier Aluminum Shelving

    The amazing 2 Tier Aluminum Greenhouse Shelving from EarthCare, the superior design allows for easy transport, setup, and take down with in minutes.
  • Aerogarden Deluxe
    Black or White

    AeroGrow Aerogarden Deluxe

    The AeroGrow AeroGarden Deluxe indoor hydroponics system was designed with new technology to give you faster and larger harvests!
  • Soilsaver
    Great Composter!

    Soilsaver Classic Soil Composter

    Turn all of your sticks, food scrapings or just about anything into premium compost.
  • EarthCare Composter

    EarthCare Compost Tumbler

    Our most popular composter priced to sell at $129.99.
  • Achla CMP-05
    Compost Tumbler

    Achla CMP-05 Compost Tumbler

    Why throw all that good waste away and fill up landfills, especially when you can provide plants the best soil compost, in as little as 21 days?